Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Injury & Deep Tissue Massage

BodyWorks massage therapy uses many different techniques to manipulate all the soft tissues within the body including the muscles, tendons and ligaments. BodyWorks sports & deep tissue massage combines a variety of techniques from trigger point release, stretching of the soft tissues and myofascial release.

Our specialist massage techniques will benefit your neurological, physiological and psychological dimensions. These benefits include:

  • Improved blood flow within the muscles

  • Increased joint ROM

  • Removes congestion within the tissues

  • Relieves stress & tension

  • Restores former strength & muscle tone

  • Reduces pain

  • Improves overal mood & wellbeing

During your treatment at BodyWorks:


Upon arrival at our clinic in Sudbury Suffolk, a postural assessment will be taken,

followed by a ROM assessment (range of movement). We shall then move onto a range of stress release and relaxation techniques. We believe this promotes quicker injury recovery. We shall then move onto your treatment targeting your soft issue injury. Once your injury has been treated, exceptional aftercare information will be given out as well as a personalised rehabilitation plan. We will guide you through to a successful recovery.