About Us At BodyWorks

About Our BodyWorks Clinic

Our clinic is based in Sudbury, Suffolk at EN Physique Gym. Our clinic offers sports therapy, sports massage, deep tissue massage, injury rehabilitation as well as strength & conditioning. We also use a variety of specialist injury recovery equipment to help promote tissue recovery.

Our number one priority is to guide you to a successful injury recovery as well as helping you to achieve your personal goals. 

Our treatment programmes start with an initial consultation, where we build a profile of your injury as well as taking postural, physical and mobility assessments. We then move onto giving a structured strength and conditioning personalised plan to help you achieve your ultimate goal/s and make a successful recovery.

We understand that every client has different lifestyles, fitness levels and goals. We also understand that our bodies have different healing rates depending on a variety of factors, therefore we use a variety of therapy treatments, strengthening equipment as well as personalised rehabilitation plans.

Here at BodyWorks our therapists focus on guiding you through a successful and rewarding injury recovery plan.