Take your first steps towards achieving your personal goals by using our state of the art health & fitness facilities as well as our sports injury clinic, based in Sudbury, Suffolk & Colchester. We believe most musculoskeletal injuries, imbalances and weaknesses can be resolved by improving our functional strength, gaining further mobility within our joints as well as improving our overall health & fitness. 

Our staff at BodyWorks are highly trained sports massage therapists, personal trainers & strength

& conditioning coaches, specialising in functional strength & movement. Our staff at BodyWorks assist clients throughout their injury rehabilitation, as well as improving their core strength, balance and everyday functional movements, through personal training. We strive to help our clients reach their own personal goals as well as improving their lives. Whether you have set your goals to become stronger, improve your mobility, improve your overall fitness or to improve your sporting performance, we are here to motivate and empower you, to help you achieve life changing and sustainable results!


Rock Pod Therapy (Cupping)